Project B

This figure illustrates the main topics of and interactions between the projects of section B of the SFB Initiative. Projects B1-3 and B5 will focus on membranous nephropathy and elucidate the role of PLA2R and THSD7A autoantibodies for both pathogenesis and prognosis. Projects B3 and B5 will address general mechanisms of podocyte injury mediated by the proteasome (B3), and purinergic receptors (B5). Project B6 is aimed at better characterizing complement-mediated C3 glomerulopathies and at defining the mutations involved. Project B7 is designed to study the potential role of the innate immune system in hypertensive glomerular injury, with a specific focus on dendritic cells (together with Project A8) and complement components (together with Project B6).

Einfuehrung B