In this week’s lab meeting, Ms. Reinhard will present the current status of project B1. The topic of the talk is "Search for new Antigens in Membranous Nephropathy".

This week, Mr. Gagliani, Mr. Bonn and Mr. Krebs jointly present and discuss their results and perspectives on "T cell receptor profiling in patients

On Thursday and Friday this week, the students of the SFB1192 Research Training Group had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of writing scientific articles.

This month, the graduate students present current, exciting papers in the fields of nephrology and immunology. This time, Mr. Reimers (project A4) holds the Journal Club.

The last SFB meeting of the month is held by Mr. Melderis. He presents the current results of Project A3 with the topic "The Role of Amphiregulin in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus".

For the graduate students of the Research Training Group SFB1192 there was the opportunity to participate in another interesting workshop.

In the lab meeting this week, Prof. T. Huber talks about the current results and future research on the pathogenesis of primary FSGS.

We are pleased to announce the publication of another paper within the scope of the SFB in the American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology.

Good News! The project B3 headed by Prof. Meyer-Schwesinger will publish two further papers.

We are happy to announce that a new publication of one of the SFB projects has been accepted.

This week, Prof. Wiech gives a lecture at the lab meeting of the SFB1192.
He presents the current results of Project B6 under the title "Computer aided slide analysis in complement-mediated kidney diseases".

On Friday and Saturday the 3rd Interdisciplinary Congress for IL-17 took place in Munich. Internationally renowned scientists in the fields of IL-17 and IL-1β

Mr. Tomas gives a lecture this week at the SFB1192 lab meeting entitled "Structural and functional resolution of membranous nephropathy antigens THSD7A and PLA2R1".

The Heisenberg program plays a special role within the scope of the various DFG grants.

This month, two of the graduate students of the Research Training Group will again present the latest results and publications in the field of immunology and nephrology.

We are happy to announce a new publication within the scope of the SFB.

The current call for applications for the scholarships of the Research Training Group of the SFB1192 is in full swing and we have already received many applications.

This week, Mr. Junge gives a lecture on the current results in Project B5 in the SFB's lab meeting.

In January of this year the 3rd Midwinter Conference took place in Seefeld, Austria. In the setting of the snow-capped Alps, scientists from all over the world met to discuss “Advances in Immunobiology”.

The first SFB meeting of the year takes place in a different setting. At 11 am, the members of the SFB will meet at the Dorint-Hotel to discuss the current status of the projects.

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