SFB 1192

Project A

The figure depicts the main focus of and the interactions between the projects of section A of the SFB 1192. The potential pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory functions of leukocyte subsets in the kidney are shown in a schematic view which also highlights the involvement of each project.

Chemokine-dependent cell trafficking will be addressed by projects A1, A3, and A8. The regulation of T cells, including the role of different Treg cell subsets (TR1, Treg1, Treg17 and “classical” FoxP3 Tregs), will be the focus of projects A2, A3 and A5. Project A4 will illuminate the role of antigenspecific T cell immune responses. Projects A1 – A6 will collaborate on the investigation of effector functions of T cell subsets (including TH1, TH17, “TH9” cells, γδ-T cells), as well as innate lymphoid cells (ILC), their cytokines and their mechanisms of tissue damage (effects on resident kidney cells), and the role of cell plasticity in this context. The involvement of neutrophil-derived extracellular traps (NETs) in glomerular diseases will be investigated in project A7. The function of dendritic cell subsets and their interaction with T cells will be analyzed by projects A8 (and A1)

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