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Projekt C1

Hamburg Glomerulonephritis Registry

Immune-mediated glomerular diseases are a common cause of end stage renal disease. However, despite huge experimental efforts over several decades, reliable biomarkers, preventive strategies and individualized therapies are still missing for most glomerular diseases. The difficulties in closing the translational circle between experimental kidney work and clinical application are often caused by a failed transfer of cell culture or animal data into the human context. Thus, we hypothesized that successful translational nephrology should be grounded on the availability of well characterized patient cohorts and biosamples including renal biopsies. Therefore, the Hamburg Glomerulonephritis Registry has been implemented as an integral part of the CRC initiative. Of note, already 530 patients with immune-mediated glomerular diseases have been included in the Hamburg Glomerulonephritis Registry allowing clinical, genetic and tissue information as well as biomaterials to be made available to all groups within the CRC. By this, the Registry facilitated several discoveries throughout the CRC. Particularly, the breakthrough findings leading to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of membranous nephropathy and therapy-relevant stratification of patients with this disease exemplify the enormous potential of the Hamburg Glomerulonephritis Registry. To further extend such patient relevant translational research, we aim to: 1. Continue the recruitment of patients with immunemediated glomerular diseases up to 1500 patients including prospective clinical data and biosamples. 2. Facilitate novel in depth clinical and tissue analysis (i.e. single cell techniques and machine learning, multiplex imaging, genome, epigenome and proteome analysis). 3. Identify, characterize and validate biomarkers for diagnosis, treatment response and prognosis of immune-mediated glomerular diseases. Collectively, the unique combination of clinical observation, informative patient cohorts, novel complex tissue analysis strategies, data integration and national and international collaborations should provide the ideal platform for CRC projects to catalyze novel biomarker discoveries and to cure immune-mediated glomerular diseases.


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