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SFB 1192

Projekt A

This figure illustrates the main topics of and the connections between projects of area A. The potential pro- and anti-inflammatory functions of leukocyte subsets in the kidney are shown in a schematic representation, highlighting the key focus of each project. Immune cell trafficking and localization will be addressed by projects A1, A3, A6, and A8. The regulation of T cells, especially by different Treg cell subsets (TR1, Treg1, Treg17 and “classical” FoxP3 Tregs) and mediators conferring TH17 cell plasticity, will be the focus of projects A2, A3, and A5. Project A4, A3, A6, and A1 will investigate the role of tissue-resident T cell / innate lymphocyte responses. The function of dendritic cell subsets and neutrophil-derived extracellular traps (NETs), as well as their interaction with T cells, in immune-mediated glomerular diseases will be analyzed by projects A8 and A7, respectively. Projects A1 – A8 will collaborate on the investigation of effector functions of T cell subsets, innate and innate-like lymphocytes (NK and MAIT cells), and myeloid cell subsets to unravel the mechanisms by which these immune cells affect renal parenchymal cells to mediate glomerular injury.