In our next journal club in October Ms. Marie Eggers (project B5) will present recent published articles. Feel free to join us on the 7th October at 9 a.m. in room 10 in Campus Forschung.

In the upcoming lab meeting of CRC 1192 Mr. Herrnstadt will present latest results of project A3. The title of the talk is as follows: "Function and effector mechanisms of biTregs.”

Ms. Meyer-Schwesinger will talk about "Glomerular cell Isolation Technique unravels proteome differences” in our next lab meeting. 

From 10th to 13th September there will be the second Joint Meeting of the German Societyfor Immunology (DGfl) and the Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA) in Munich.

In September we will have two journal clubs again. Mr. Kian Deheshwar will present the latest publications on 9th of September, followed by Ms. Tabea Bertram on the 23rd of September.

We are delighted to have Mr. Pierre-Louis Tharaux from Paris with us for our next CRC lab meeting. Mr. Tharaux will held a guest lecture about "Stress without Failure: towards promotion of glomerular tolerance to immune and hemodynamic injuries".

With the end of the summer break, our weekly lab meetings continue. We are happy that we have Prof. Rafael Kramann as a guest speaker with the following title: "Origin and heterogeneity of kidney fibrosis driving myofibroblasts".

This month we will have two journal clubs. The first one will be held by Mr. Michael Zinke (Project A5) on the 12th August, followed by Miss Marlies Bode (Project B7) on the 26th of August.

We are glad to announce new publications for this month. The research group of Prof. Steinmetz and Dr. Kluger (Project A3) got a new paper accepted by the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

PhD students of the research training group as well as candidates of the iPRIME program are able to learn good scientific practice in a 2-day workshop.

With the start of July the Journal Club series continues. Shiwa Soukou (Project A05) will present the latest papers in nephology and immunology. 

The Hamburg Ministry for Science, Research and Equality (BWFG) awards the “Hamburger Lehrpreis” for outstanding and innovative teaching for the 11th time.

We are happy to announce that two new articles with SFB-affiliation have been accepted by Autophagy and Kidney International.

In the second Lab Meeting this month Mr. Mittrücker and Mr. Reimers (both project A4) will talk about T-cells.

In the upcoming weeks there will be two publications in Nature Communcations as well as in Frontiers Immunology.

The Single Cell Omics Club is a forum for scientists who are working with Single Cell Sequencing. In a series of events recent research, results and methods are being discussed.

The first lab meeting in May will be all about the new project B9 and will be presented by Mr. Puelles with the title: "Deciphering immune-epithelial interactions in crescentic glomerulonephritis".

On the 3rd and 4th May there will be a conference “Kidney Days Hamburg” held for the first time as part of the “13. Hamburger Nephrologie Forum”.

There will be several different seminars for the Research Training Group from the 29th April onwards. Various scientists will give lectures for the students on methods in research in a bi-weekly format.

The second lab meeting this month will be held by Mr. Fuchs. Recent results of the project A7 will be presented with the following title: “Degradation of neutrophil extracellular traps in lupus nephritis”.

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